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Christmas Placement In Divorce

There are many adjustments that parents and children have to make during and after the divorce. Whether they like it or not, they will have to deal with the consequences of the separation such as Christmas placement in divorce.

It is a very important issue since both parents would want to spend the holidays with their kids but that would be impossible. Below is a list of things that you need to remember when it comes to spending the Yuletide season with your kids.

Follow The Agreement

If there is a written agreement between you and the other parent, Sterling Hughes Chicago IL recommends you make sure that you comply with the provisions therein. Do not violate any stipulation for such would constitute as a breach of contract.

Take note that the private agreement is a contract and is considered as the law between you and the other party. There can be some legal effects if you will violate the said agreement.


Avoid Fighting In Front of the Kids

Communicating and discussing things with your ex-partner can become difficult and complicated especially that both of you have adverse interests. Therefore, arguments cannot be avoided.

However, it is important to remind yourself that you need to avoid fighting or cursing in front of your children. This will make them feel more uncomfortable about the situation. There is also a possibility that they will blame their selves for all the fights that they are witnessing.


Talk To Your Lawyer

If your former husband or wife is unwilling to cooperate with you, then you can always call your divorce attorney. Ask your lawyer if there are some legal remedies that you can avail in order to have child placement for the coming Christmas.

At the same time, you can also appoint your attorney as your representative in all communications and correspondence that will be made with your ex.

Know What Your Kids Want

Now is not the time to be selfish. Take into consideration the preferences and wishes of your kids. Let them know that you want to spend the holidays with them.

Then, ask them if they are okay with it. By doing such, you are allowing them to make decisions for themselves, which can be very helpful in the future.


Try to make them understand why they cannot celebrate Christmas with both their parents. Do not be harsh in the words that you will use when communicating with the minors.